The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Embassy Posts Islamabad 2023


The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Islamabad intends to contract with a company for the provision of (Restoration, Insulation and Supply) At the Embassy Building. The Ambassador’s Residence Building & Staff’s Residence Building as follows:

1. To receive the “Condition Booklet & Specification” kindly call on phone number: 051- 2600900/ext. No. 2269 (Mr. Aamir Aziz)
The value of the Condition Booklet & Specification is USD 50/- (Fifty Dollar Only) to be deposited in the Embassy’s account on Samba Bank, after receiving the letter from the Embassy.

2. Signing and filing all the available pages of the Condition Booklet &Specification, and this should be done after the survey of the buildings, for this kindly call on phone number: 051- 2600900/ext. No. 2288 (Mr. Suleiman Khan) or ext. No. 2289 (Mr. Naveed Yousef) or ext.No. 2111 (Mr. Atif Khaibar).

3. Submission of copy of the company’s official papers.

4. The proposal shall contain bank guarantee of 1% of the proposed offer in a separate envelope (only cheque).

5. The proposal shall be sealed with red wax and mentioned on its back Company’ name.

6. The deadline for the submission of the proposal is on 22/03/2023.

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